When there is a hostage or dangerous situation in the world, the SWAT team is called out. This is now true for your computer. No longer do you have to depend on frustrating geeks, the elite virus SWAT team is here.


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Computer Repair ? Computer Service ? We do it best! No one else will offer you a "bullet proof" computer. Guaranteed Protection.
Got a virus, spyware, spy ware, trojan, adware, pop-up, popups, pop-ups, symantec virus, adware spyware, mcafee virus, trojan virus, virus.exe, gator or f secure virus and is your home page "about blank"?
That will make your computer memory low and your computer slow, and give you computer problems. Slow internet, slow windows xp, rebooting computer problem, restarting computer problems?
We do virus scan & spyware removal (AKA remove spyware & clean viruses) and have anti spyware & anti virus package that is better than the rest. Spyware protection set up in a special way. Virus protection set up in a special way.
Got Norton or MacAfee? We have an elite team of experts, not a geek or a bunch of geeks, that install protection that works.
Computer troubleshooting is what we do 24-7.
Myspace help? Well, we can not help you there but we CAN protect you from all the viruses and spyware that can come from myspace.
We will make your pc computer better than a new computer.
You may ask "how to clean a virus" or "how to clean spyware"? Why? We clean it, make it faster, protect it and make it hassle free.

Expert techs, ELITE! Not geeks dressed up like hall monitors!
If your computer is all messes up, we can make it as good as new and install protection that works.
Sick of getting burned by geeks with NO social sense? We are friendly and we all live in the USA.
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